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Conveyor Belts, Custom Belts, Take-off Belts

Rubber Conveyor Belts::

Our advanced machinery includes several presses for the manufacture of conveyor belts. The largest press has heaters of 1.5 x 2.5m so that we can meet almost any of your specific requirements.

  Vulcanised rubber ribs on conveyor belts
Testing a vulcanized rubber rib on a steel conveyor belt  

This includes the fabrication of bag conveyor belts, conveyor belts with customized ribs or the vulcanization of rubber wedges on steel strips. The processed wedges themselves are pre-extruded in-house in precisely the material you require.

Testing of an vulcanized

rubber wedge on a steel band



Manual Production Packaging:

Just like sleeves, we can create exactly the part you need out of any sheet material by vulcanizing it to shape. Examples are rubber funnels, container linings or covering reciprocating belts with highly abrasion-resistant materials. Furthermore, if you need outsize sheets – no problem! Sheets can be joined in our vulcanizing department and then cut to size according to your specifications.