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Fluoroelastomers, best known by the trade name ‘Viton®’, are one of Zrunek’s outstanding strengths. Zrunek not only possesses significant Know-how and expertise in elastomer technology which goes back more than 60 years. We have also been implementing any new developments to utilize them for the benefit of our customers. This includes, in particular, elastomer materials with constantly improving properties. In addition, especially with regard to fluoroelastomers, processing these high-performance materials perfectly matches the production capabilities and manufacturing spectrum Zrunek provides. Since 1980, considerable funds have been invested in research and development.

Today, as results of these activities, ZruElast FPM – widely and successfully tested – has found a firm place as a well-established trademark and Zrunek has become the leading expert in the field of fluoroelastomer extrusion, as well as the largest processing manufacturer of fluoro rubber in Austria.


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