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Lathe-cut Rings and Vulcanized Rings

Lathe-cut Rings:

Our manufacturing facilities allow us to produce any custom sealing ring within a short period, precisely ground to the required inside diameter and cut to just the width you need.
Lathe-cut sealing rings are the best choice if there are no standard sheets available for die-cutting (either due to material or size), or if the sideways grooves produced by die-cutting could cause problems. Other reasons why you would choose lathe-cutting as a manufacturing method could be if the tolerances produced by die-cutting are not close enough or if an expensive moulding tool makes production inefficient.



Lathe-cut and vulcanized rings made of NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, Silicone, Viton, FPM, FKM


Vulcanized ring


Vulcanized Rings:

Any profile can can be vulcanized to form a ring in an huge variety of cross-sections.
Examples are:


manhole rings made out of profiles
cord rings
extruded and vulcanized rings for special purpose machinery

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