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Cord Rings

Cord rings by Zrunek:

See for yourself the quality of Zrunek’s cord rings. Manufactured in our own vulcanizing department, the same quality as an o-ring.


Cord rings made by Viton, FPM, FKM, NBR, EPDM, Silicone, NR, CR

Expierenced employees for cord ring manufacturing  

A strong team

Cord rings require manual production. For such high quality you need good employees. Over many years we have found them in this strong team. We currently produce around 30,000 rings per year. Rate of complaints is close to zero!


Our record:

This is the largest cord ring that Zrunek ever produced


An inside diameter of 11.085 metres, manufactured from a 30mm FPM cord.


The biggest viton cord ring made by Zrunek