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RESEARCH PROJECT - Damping Optimization

Customer Problem:
The problem of damping is a frequently encountered problem in engineering.
Typical examples are vibration damping of machines, vibration protection in automotive applications, protection of sensitive equipment or measuring instruments (eg. scales) against external vibration, or applications in the field of acoustics. For the two latter categories Zrunek has successfully developed suitable compounds which have resulted in considerable improvements. Acoustics applications especially require damping solutions which ensure the elimination of all interference from speech recordings (for example scratching noises on microphones).


Zrunek Development:
In the course of a research project lasting several years the proven compound ZruElast® 9125 (which had already improved the damping properties of butyl compounds by more than 300%) could be improved on by an additional 50 % while reducing its resonance frequency at the same time.

  Diagram damping optimization, butyl rubber with high resonance frequency and low damping

Compound ZruElast® 9140
Resonance frequency: 115 Hz

Damping: 68%


Diagram damping optimization, ZruElast 9125 with low resonance frequency and high damping   Diagram damping optimization, ZruElast 2222 with low resonance frequency and very high damping

Compound ZruElast® 9125
Resonance frequency: 178 Hz

Damping: 233%


Compound ZruElast® 2222
Resonance frequency: 95Hz

Damping: 357%