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VERBUND - Power Plant Gasket

Verbund-Hydropower plant-flood-gate-seal-rubber-profile-PTFE-gasket technology    

Customer Problem:
For the power station, in which six Kaplan turbines with blade wheel diameters of 7.5 m are installed, specialty gaskets were required.
In addition, easy access for maintenance was required. Access through the sliding roof construction, consisting of 9 parts, has to be possible at all times.


Zrunek Development:
More than 1000m compression moulded and extruded rubber profiles were manufactured for this application. Permanent accessibility was achieved by vulcanized supports made of PTFE.


Danube powerplant with PTFE covered flood-gate gaskets made by Zrunek   Rubber profile with PTFE-cover
Danube hydropower plant Freudenau   PTFE laminated rubber profile