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EBNER - Annealing Furnace Gasket

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Customer Problem:
EBNER is the worldwide leading manufacturer of heat treatment facilities.
For its annealing furnaces seals with round, square or hollow circular cross-sections with diameters of 1.6 to 5.3 m are required. Only minimal fluctuations in diameter are permissible over the whole length of the seals.
Working temperatures in the annealing furnaces can reach up to 850°C.


Zrunek Development:
For this Zrunek developed the compound ZruElast® 0351, amongst others. In order to have the required tolerance the sealings were manufactured by compression moulding.
Initially, the seals were joined to rings by splicing and using adhesives by EBNER.
However, vulcanized joints are technologically superior and therefore this production stage was relocated to ZRUNEK without any loss of time, flexibility or efficiency.


  Cord ring as annealing furnaces seals for Ebner
  Industrial furnace with a base sealing made from ZruElast NBR