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HOERBIGER - Overpressure Valve Gasket


Customer Problem:
The customer required gaskets for the overpressure valves of marine engines which show sufficient sealing force even when operating at low pressures, which are heat resistant and resistant to various chemicals, and which at the same time feature low compression set values.


Zrunek Development:
For this purpose Zrunek developed an FPM-compound, which has a hardness of only 45 Shore but at the same time features very good compression set values (ZruElast® FPM 7245).

Subsequently Zrunek created the compound ZruElast® NBR 3120 for use at even lower pressures. This is a nitrile rubber-based compound with an extremely low hardness of 20 Shore!


Overpressure valve gasket for ship's engine made by ZruElast FPM 7245 (45 Shore)   Schiffsmotor mit extrem weichen FPM (Viton) Dichtungen von Zrunek
Overpressure valve gasket made
by ZruElast FPM 7245 (45 Shore!)
  Ship's engine