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Why is ZruElast® FPM important for Zrunek?

Zrunek has fundamental experience and expertise in elastomer materials which goes back more than 50 years. The company was founded in 1947 by Dipl.Ing. Eduard Zrunek, the former managing director of the ‘Matador’ Semperit Company. Today the company is run by the third generation, Dr. Ulrich Zrunek. Naturally, over the years, we have been continuously engaged in new developments in the field of elastomer technology. And this is particularly true with a view towards ever higher performing materials, such as fluoroelastomers. Especially with regard to fluoroelastomers the manufacture of these very materials perfectly suits the production capabilities of Zrunek.


Our production line is ideally suited for small and medium runs, as well as customized solutions to your specific needs. Our capabilities extend from custom compound development in our own laboratory and in-house  mixing-plant facilities, which guarantee flexibility and consistent product quality, to advanced machinery including presses, injection moulding machines and extruders to ensure a broad spectrum of manufacturing options.

A major part of our budget for research and development is spent on tasks concerning the extrusion and processing of FPM. As a result of these activities, Zrunek has become the leading expert in the field of fluoroelastomer extrusion, as well as the largest processing manufacturer of fluoro rubber in Austria.

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Extrusion of ZruElast FPM