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What is Viton®?

Since 1957 fluoroelastomers have occupied an important position in industry. Many people would think of Viton® the registered trade mark
Viton the trade mark for fluoroelastomers of DuPont Performance Elastomers

of DuPont Performance Elastomers, which was the first company to develop a fluoroelastomer and introduce it to the market. Just like the brand name Perbunan® has become a well-established term for nitrile rubber, Viton>® has turned out to be a well-known brand name for fluoroelastomers.


However, there are also other chemicals groups which have been successfully manufacturing and supplying fluoroelastomers for several

Dyneon the trade mark for fluoroelastomers of Dyneon Tecnoflon the trade mark for fluoroelastomers of Solvay DaiEl the trade mark for fluoroelastomers of Daikin

decades, such as the international companies Dyneon with Dyneon® ((formerly 3M with Fluorel®), Solvay with Tecnoflon® and Daikin Industries with Dai-El®. All these companies have in common that they invest high amounts in research and development and offer a remarkable selection of high-performance fluoroelastomers.
The end-user has to be aware of the fact that the brand name Viton® (like other brand names, too) does not stand for a certain material specification, but rather is a name for all types of fluoro rubbers which are made by DuPont Performance Elastomers. The various types of fluoroelastomers differ in fluorine content, swell behaviour, resistance to compression set or processing. It is task of the manufacturer to specify the correct type of rubber to meet the operating requirements of your application and to develop and formulate an appropriate type of fluoroelastomer compound.