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Other Resistances of ZruElast® FPM:

Weathering and Ozone Resistance:

The combination of atmospheric oxygen with sunlight and ozone (weathering) is a very aggressive and corrosive effect. But in this respect ZruElast FPM also offers highest resistance. In fact, even after 20 years of daily exposure to direct sunlight no cracking or splitting was observed. Even direct exposure to ozone has no effect on ZruElast FPM. For example, after 300 hours of continuous ageing at a temperature of 60° C in an environment containing 150 ppm ozone no cracks could be observed. In comparison, parts produced from natural rubber would end up with cracked and split surfaces and become useless after just 10 minutes in the same conditions.
The extremely good weathering and ozone resistance of ZruElast FPM also is shown in the fact that UV-radiation does not have any effect on colored parts made of FPM.

Flame Retardance:

ZruElast FPM is based upon fluorocarbon elastomers. The chemical bond of fluorine to carbon is extremely strong. Thus, under conditions of fire, its resistance to breaking and damage exceeds that of all other hydrocarbon elastomers.

Low Temperature Resistance:

Experience has shown that seals made of FPM in dynamic applications usefully serve at temperatures down to approx. -20° C. In static use they even can work at temperatures down to -40° C. Furthermore, experience has shown that the more thin-walled parts are, the lower the operating temperature at which they can work. The same effect occurs when the seal is continuously in contact with a medium that causes slight swell. This improves the low temperature flexibility and allows use at even lower temperatures.

Use in Vacuum:

ZruElast FPM contains no plasticizers and thus exhibits very low outgassing in use under extreme vacuum conditions. Loss of weight of only 2-3 % in vacuum applications is typical for this material. Therefore ZruElast FPM is the ideally suited material for seals requiring absolute pureness, lowest outgassing rates and minimal volume changes in extreme vacuums.

Gas Permeability:

Products made of ZruElast FPM have very low gas permeability.