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ZruElast® FPM Compounds

Zrunek mixes all its compounds in-house. As demonstrated before, all formulations first are developed and then get tested in our own laboratory. Over the years, a standard program of different compound types has been developed, which in the meantime has proved itself many times over.


Characteristics and properties of these compounds are shown in table 1. Zrunek's standard program differentiates 3 categories of compounds: The first category includes the standard compound types used for the manufacturing of black all-purpose parts, eg. cords, hoses, tubes or molded parts. These materials cover a durometer range from 55-90 Shore A. Compounds of the second category are used for colored parts. The third category shows compounds which have to meet specific requirements in demanding applications. The common durometer range for FPM parts is 60 to 90 Shore A.

If you need softer seals with a lower hardness but want to retain favorable compression set values, technical realization could become difficult. Especially to meet these requirements Zrunek developed compound #70157 (42 shore).


If the volume swell of our standard compounds caused by some specific media is too high for your applications, we also can provide special formulations to better meet your needs. A typical example is the exposure to methanol. If, for example, your application requires higher resistance to swell in methanol or toluene, compound #7003 or #7009 would deliver better performance and be the compound of choice.


For food grade applications, there are white and black compounds, e.g. #7023 and #70160.


#70189 is the best choice for the low temperature resistance (down to -40 °C!).


Mi.No. Duro
Price Comments
Black Standard Compounds
7555 57 ++ Standard compound for all-purpose applications, such as cords, hoses, tubes, molded parts and seals
7560 62 ++
7565 67 +
7575 77 +
7586 87 +
Coloured Standard Compounds
7765 67 +++ Standard compound for red applications or other coloured applications
7775 77 ++
7690 90 ++
Advanced Compounds
70157 42 +++ Lowest durometer, good compression set
7023 77 ++ Food grade, conform with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
70160 72 ++ Certifiied according to EC 1935/2004 and
FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
7003 77 +++ Advanced resistance to chemicals and methanol
7009 79 +++ Exceptional chemical and hot water/steam resistance
70189 75 +++++

Best low temperature resistance

up to -40 °C (TR 10)