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Chemical Resistance of ZruElast® FPM

The excellent swell behaviour of fluoroelastomers has already been tested in a number of important media, for example mineral oils, fuels, acids, bases, solvents, and numerous chemicals. Figure 3 on the previous page gives you a short overview of the outstanding volume swell resistance of ZruElast FPM. Zrunek has compiled a chemical resistance guide which will give you extensive information about the swell behaviour of ZruElast FPM in a number of chemical media. You also will find additional technical data demonstrating the relation between temperature and volume swell in several examples.


In sealing technology, in particular in engine construction and hydraulics, oil resistance combined with exposure to heat plays a fundamental role. The figure below shows the resistance to heat and volume swell of ZruElast FPM in comparison with other common elastomers. As you can easily see, only Kalrez, an extremely expensive perfluoroelastomer, delivers better performance. All other commercially processed elastomers neither achieve the thermal stability of ZruElast FPM nor feature the same low volume swell characteristics. This outstanding resistance to swell combined with exposure to heat makes ZruElast FPM the most universal sealing material of all commercial elastomers.


Heat and oil resistance of ZruElast FPM und Viton