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Temperature Resistance of ZruElast® FPM

Fluoropolymers in general feature excellent heat resistance. ZruElast FPM retains its elastic properties even at a continuous operating temperature of 200° C. When talking about temperature resistance, it has to be considered for how long materials are exposed to heat or elevated temperatures.

The figure below shows the relation between operating temperature and hours of use. Besides the ability to withstand short blasts of more than 300° C, laboratory tests have confirmed that products made of ZruElast FPM still remained soft and elastic even after ageing in a heat cabinet over a period of three years at a temperature of 190° C. If you compare these values with the performance of other elastomers they seem even more significant. Nitrile rubber (NBR), for example, usefully serves only up to a continuous maximum temperature of 120° C.
Similar in temperature performance are the materials chloroprene (CR) and chlorosulfonated polyethylene. Aged at a temperature of 200° C, products made of these materials would become brittle only after a few hours.


Heat and temperature resistance of ZruElast FKM and Viton

Temperature resistance of ZruElast FPM